Bulletin Board

Public Channel Bulletin Board (Charter 191)

Any town, state or federal agency and any nonprofit organization in the town of Oxford can use the Community Bulletin Board. Please include this basic information in your submission; Who, What, When, Where and How and please include a contact name and phone number. Submitted by the general public and non-profits (clubs, houses of worship, etc.) will appear on the Public Channel's Bulletin Board. Bulletins involving Oxford Schools or events related to education will typically appear on the Education Channel. Notes from the town or state government will appear on Government Channel.

Submit a Bulletin

To submit a bulletin, fill out the submission form.


  • Please note, information must be concise in order to be readable and easy for viewers to understand. 
  • Bulletins of a commercial nature are not permitted
  • Bulletins must be brief and will appear on one bulletin only
  • Accepted bulletins will run for 2 weeks, be sure to plan accordingly with your event's date