Cultural Council


  • Oxford Town Hall
    Second Floor Meeting Room - Rear


  • Rebecca Lynn Ide, Chair
  • Deborah H. Horgan, Treasurer
  • Cynthia E Saad, Secretary
  • Dana M. Esposito, Member
  • Debra Anne King, Member
  • Robert W Krasinskas, Member
  • Nicole Mazzella, Member
  • Patricia C. Rodier, Member
  • Laura Beth Wilson, Member
  • Albert J. Zelley, Member


The Oxford Cultural Council (OCC) is the local council partner of the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC).

The Massachusetts Cultural Council is the state agency committed to building a central place for the arts, sciences and humanities in the everyday lives of communities across the Commonwealth. MCC pursues this mission through a combination of grant programs, partnerships, and services for nonprofit cultural organizations, schools, communities, and individual artists.

The Oxford Cultural Council is a group of volunteers working to promote access and diversity in the arts, humanities and sciences. We are funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and we award grants to individuals, schools and non-profit organizations for cultural projects.

Applications are submitted using the online application. Paper or mailed applications cannot be accepted. Applicants who need assistance filling out an application online should contact the Communities Team.

The Oxford Cultural Council is looking for new members! If you are interested in joining, please email OCC.

Visit the Oxford Cultural Council website at MCC for up-to-date information on applying for a grant, local guideline, and previous grant recipients.