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Thanks for visiting the OPD website. It is my hope that you find contact information for the department that you may need. You will find this site useful for locating general forms and resources. If you do not find what you are looking for on the site, I encourage you to stop by the PD and make an inquiry. Our dispatchers and officers will be glad to help or forward you in the proper direction to better assist you.

I understand that there are circumstances or situations whereby people do not want to identify themselves to the department while reporting a crime. Please feel free to leave crime related information on our anonymous tip line. We will review all posts and address them accordingly. Sometimes the tips you leave will enhance investigations already in progress. If you see something, say something!

I have always been of the belief that our greatest asset here at the PD are the men and woman who take pride in their jobs, and put forth a fine effort to provide the best possible service for you. Our core mission is maintaining the safety, security and well being of the town that we ourselves are a part. All of our officers and staff have invested themselves in the department and you, the citizens of Oxford.

You are invited to check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Often times, current events or points of interest are posted.

Anthony P. Saad
Chief of Police

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