Important Dates

Key Dates for Property Owners

January 1

  • This is the assessment date for the following fiscal year. The taxable unit, ownership, and values are all determined as of this date.
  • Form of List (Personal Property) Applications are mailed and due by March 1
  • 3ABC forms are mailed for Property tax exemptions to all charitable organizations and are due by March 1 (if an organization does not file, the property cannot be exempt for the fiscal year)

February 1

  • Income and Expense (Commercial, Industrial and Apartment properties) Forms are sent and due within 60 days of the postmark

April 1

  • Actual tax bill normally due by this date
  • Exemption applications for Seniors, Disabled Veterans, and Hardships are normally due by this date
  • Abatement applications for Real Estate and Personal Property are normally due by this date

June 30

  • Deadline for taxpayer to apply to the State Forester to have land classified as Forest Land

July 1

  • Preliminary tax bills are normally mailed
  • Beginning of the Fiscal Year. The physical characteristics of improvements are determined as of this date, i.e. percent of completion for new construction of any type

August 1

  • Land Use Exemption (Chapter Land) applications are mailed (Agricultural must include receipts proving the land is actively devoted to a farm use)

October 1

  • Preliminary Tax bills are normally due
  • Land Use Exemption (Chapter Land) applications are normally due by this date (If filing Forest Land, we need the plan that was certified by the State Forester to be submitted with your application)

November 1

  • Exemption Applications are mailed and are also available online at or you can go to the Assessor page and find Exemption-Seniors, Disabled Veterans, and Hardships

December 31

  • Actual tax bills are mailed
  • After the city or town sets its tax rate, the Assessor makes the actual tax commitment and the collector mails actual tax bills for the year. If actual tax bills are mailed on or before December 31, the balance after the preliminary tax is credited against the actual tax is due on April 1.