Yard Sales

Yard Sales in the Town of Oxford

Per the Oxford General By-Laws, individuals who desire to have a yard sale must obtain a permit from the Board of Selectmen.

Permits can be be obtained through the Executive Assistant to the Board of Selectmen. Permits can be obtained in-person or by completing the webform below. Depending on the submission method, "permits" will either be a confirmation email from the Executive Assistant or a stamped application from the Board of Selectmen's Office.

The Board of Selectmen amended their Yard Sale permit policy on May 12, 2022. There is no longer any fee for yard sales.

View the entire Board of Selectmen's Yard Sale (PDF).

A few highlights from the policy:

  • Yard sales canceled due to weather will follow the process for a new permit.
  • No yard sales on Memorial Day (observed).
  • Yard sales may be 2 consecutive days in a row. All items must be removed the day following the yard sale.
  • Yard sales from 8 am - 3 pm
  • No signs allowed on town property, land, trees, sign poles, or utility poles.
  • All signs (and the mechanism of attachment) must be removed within 24 hour of sale.
  • Permitee is responsible for parking at the yard sale.
  • Yard sale permits shall not be issued in a manner that would allow for the operation of an outdoor business, as defined in Section 8, Chapter Thirty-three, "any sale or exhibition for sale of flowers, fruits, vegetables or other goods, wares or merchandise which is conducted outdoors and not in any tent, booth, building or other structure; and shall not include a "temporary or transient" business as that term is defined in General Laws Chapter 101, Section 1: the business of a "hawker" or "peddler" as these words are defined in said Chapter 101, Section 13: or any sale within the scope of Section 2 of this Chapter."

Yard Sale Submission

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