Snow Removal By-Law

Chapter 32 - Section 14. No person or entity shall shovel, throw, plow, discharge, or otherwise move or place snow into or onto any portion of the Town's streets or sidewalks. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this section shall not apply to owners of lawful occupants of residential premises placing snow and ice on the sidewalk areas immediately adjacent to the driveway opening serving such premises provided that a minimum thirty-six (36) inch wide pathway along the sidewalk is provided for passage within twenty-four (24) hours of snowfall. In any one winter period (November through April) a first violation of this Section 14 shall be subject to a written warning, a second violation will be subject to a Twenty-five Dollar ($25) fine and any subsequent violation will be subject to a Fifty Dollar ($50) fine and shall be enforced by the Superintendent of Streets or his designee who is authorized to enforce this Section 14 under the non-criminal disposition provision of G.L.C. 40, § 21D.


  • The above section is an excerpt from the Town of Oxford General By-Laws and is provided for general information purposes only.
  • An official copy of the Town of Oxford General By-Laws can be obtained from the Town Clerk's Office for a fee.