Permit Fees

These permit fees are in effect as of January 1, 2011.

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
AST installation/removal - up to 1,000 gallons$25
AST installation/removal - up to 2,500 gallon$25
AST Installation/removal - up to 5,000 gallon$25
AST installation/removal - over 5,000 gallon$25
Black Powder$25
Blasting (includes inspection)$50 (includes inspection)
Bowling Pin and Lane Refinishing$25
Cannon and Mortar Firing$25
Cellulose Nitrate Film$25
Ceremonial Bon Fire$25
Combustible Fibers$25
Commercial Fire Alarm Permit$50 (includes inspection)
Commercial plan review up to 7,500 square feet$25
Commercial plan review 7,501 to 50,000 square feet$50
Commercial plan review over 50,000 square feet$75
Compressed Natural Gas$25
Dust Explosion Prevention$25
False alarms (Per by-law Number 56)$50 (3rd)
False alarms (per by-law Number 56)$100 (4th)
False alarms (Per by-law Number 56)$200 (5th)
Fireworks display$50
Fireworks, Manufacture, Storage and Handling$50
Flammable Gases and Solids$25
Mandatory inspections (Motels, nursing home)(Done through 106s)
Misc./All other$25
New construction Residential Fire Alarm$50
Oil Burner Installation$25
Oil Tank (Residential)$25
Open burning (agricultural)$10
Open Burning (January 15 to May 1)$10
Ovens and Furnaces$25
Propane Storage$50 (includes inspection)
Re-Inspection Residential Smoke Detector$25
Re-issue of permit$25
Resale Residential Smoke Detector Inspection/$50
Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection - Single familyN/A
Resale Residential Smoke Detector Inspection/$100
Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection - two familyN/A
Resale Residential Smoke Detector Inspection/$150
Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection - 3 to 6 familyN/A
Resale Residential Smoke Detector Inspection/$500
Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection - seven plusN/A
Residential Plan review$10
Sprinkler Plan Review and Permit (includes inspection)$50 + $1/head
Storage of flammable/combustible liquids$25
Tank / Cargo Truck$25
Tar Kettles on roofs$25
Tire storage$25
Torches and Heat producing devices$25
UST installation/removal - up to 1,000 gallons$50
UST installation/removal - up to 2,500 gallon$75
UST Installation/removal - up to 5,000 gallon$100
UST installation/removal - over 5,000 gallon$150