Full Depth Reconstruction

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Full depth reconstruction is reserved for streets that have deteriorated beyond what rehabilitative repair alternatives can fix. Typically, these streets have significant cracking, raveling, rutting, apparent subbase issues, and significant surface drainage issues. The existing pavement and subbase materials typically are not suitable for reuse via the Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) process. Full depth reconstruction involves excavation and removal of the existing pavement and subbase materials and replacement with new imported gravel that is graded and compacted before receiving new layers of hot mix asphalt. Full depth reconstruction projects typically involve much more than simply repaving the street. When a roadway has reached the point of requiring full depth reconstruction it provides an opportunity to rethink how the roadway is used because we are essentially rebuilding it from scratch. In addition to rebuilding the roadway, these projects generally involve significant drainage system improvements and addition of new roadway features such as curbing and sidewalks. This repair alternative is reserved for streets with a PCI below 30. We expect to extend a pavement’s life 20+ years with full depth reconstruction.