Traditional Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)

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Traditional Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is a pavement rehabilitation process that includes pulverizing and mixing the existing pavement material with a portion of the underlying gravel material to create a uniform subbase. Performance additives can be added to the recycled material to further strengthen and enhance the subbase. The recycled base material is then graded and compacted, before receiving new layers of hot mix asphalt, the final thickness of which is dependent on traffic volume. Since FDR recycles the existing pavement and base materials, importing and exporting of materials can be reduced by up to 90%. FDR is an intensive repair alternative reserved for some of our worst streets. FDR is also one of the most expensive repair alternatives on a unit-cost basis relative to other preventive maintenance alternatives in our toolbox. The DPW's overall pavement management goal is to limit the amount of network roadway miles that require FDR or other intensive repairs by implementing timely preventive maintenance techniques to prevent roads from slipping into a state requiring such intensive repair strategies. This repair alternative is reserved for streets with a PCI from 30 to 40. We expect to extend a pavement's life 20+ years with FDR.